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David Jewell

Nat'l Board Certified Medical Massage Therapist


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About David

David Jewell, born into a "Heritage of Healing", is a third generation therapist. His father was a Master of Swedish massage, his mother practiced Physical Therapy and his grandmother was well-known in her little town as having gifted healing hands.

David is a National Board Certified Medical Massage Therapist and combines medical knowledge and techniques with a variety of customized massage disciplines in order to meet the need for healing in each client individually.


David offers anywhere from a 30 min "Sampler" massage to a 2 hour "Bliss" massage. He also offers Prenatal and Basalt Lava Rock Massages.


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30 Minute "Sampler"- $55

1 Hour Massage- $90

Premier 90 Minute Massage- $120

2 Hour "Bliss" Massage- $145

60 Minute Prenatal Massage- $90


Phone: 574-876-6695

Email: davidshands@gmail.com

Website: www.Davids-Hands.com