Edie Shewchuk

Owner/Operator/Salon Manger


About Edie

Edie Shewchuk is the proud owner of Amore' Hair Design and Spa and brings to us knowledge and compassion. She has worked in the beauty industry since she was 18 years old, managing numerous salons as her career grew. Her passion for hair, beauty and making others feel better about themselves has brought her much success in the industry. Today, you will see her at Amore' growing our business, taking special care of our guests and being a leader to our team of professionals. 

In 1971 Mike Shewchuk Jr., Edie's Husband, built his Queen a castle and named it "The Queen's Castle". In 2012 Edie and Mike, with the help of their son Mike Shewchuk III, remodeled The Queen's Castle into what today is the beautiful Amore' Hair Design and Spa. Edie's passion for perfection drives her attention to detail which can be seen as soon as you enter Amore'.

You won't find any other owners in our industry who care as much for others quite like the Shewchuk's do.  Our salon holds two pillars, handmade by Mike. One holds the initials of Edie and the other holds the initials of Mike. This symbolizes the foundation that has built and continues to support Amore'.

Edie lives by an open door policy. Our team members, as well as guests, can come to her with any need and she is always there to help guide them in the right direction.

From the start of her career, until this day, Edie has always had customer service as her number one concern. She instills in her employees, as well as her independent operators, the values that she has learned throughout her career. She is the glue that holds Amore' together.


Phone: 574-272-8471

Email: Amoreappointments@outlook.com