Permanent Impression Cosmetics


Kathleen Moreillon

R.D.H., C.M.I.

About Kathleen

While working as a Dental Hygienist, Permanent Impression Cosmetics owner Kathleen Moreillon discovered that she had an exceptionally steady hand and a gift for fine detail. She uses this strength to skillfully remove unwanted hair during laser hair-removal treatments and to help clients slim inches from their waistline, hips, and thighs during laser lipo treatments. She also recognizes her true calling as a permanent makeup artist. Kathleen treats the skin with intense light therapy to reduce brown spots, red spots, and spider veins, to make your skin look younger. While using natural pigments to subtly enhance her clients features, blending two or three colors to create eye shadow or creating scores of tiny lines along the lid to mimic the look of eyelashes, she also defines brows or lips and camouflages scars and stretch marks.


Kathleen offers many cosmetic procedures including Permanent Makeup, Botox, Fillers and Laser Hair Removal.


(call for a full list of services and pricing)

Eyebrows- $400

Eyeliner- $400

Top or Bottom Eyeliner- $300

Lips and Lip Liner- $750

Full Face- $1300

Botox- $10 per unit

Fillers- $400 per syringe


Phone: 317-490-9069