Nails by Tammy


Tammy Overmyer

Licensed Nail Technician

About Tammy

Tammy is a Master Nail Technician at Amore'. She has been in nail service for 25 years and specializes in natural nails including manicures, pedicures and Shellac (no-chip).

To her, a good manicure or pedicure is about maintaining the health of the natural nail. She takes pride in keeping clean and sterilized equipment for use on all of her guests.

Tammy really enjoys having great conversation with wonderful people. She likes to create a relaxing, enjoyable and fun experience for her clients.


Specializing in natural nails, Tammy offers manicures, pedicures and Shellac.


(call for full a list of services and pricing)

Manicure- $27

Shellac Manicure- $37

Pedicure- $48


Phone: 574-274-1605